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Teaching in pills for the medication database

Vision Station

High efficiency and lowering operational costs with the help of pharmacy automation go hand in hand with an accurate pill library.

The process referred to as ‘teaching in of medication’ is required to build the necessary algorithms for the validation of pills.

The Vision Station provides pharmacies a proven solution to add new and update existing medication data.

It can be easily integrated in the VBM ecosystem with a Windows PC and a software application called Pill Programmer.

The station itself is equipped with a calibrated camera to take images, measurements and other characteristics of the pills.

The captured data can be easily transferred to the pill database and used by the VBM 200F for the validation process.

Next to that, the data can be used to generate reports for cartridge calibration and for the registration and validation of incoming goods.


Workstation with camera, PC, displayen and Pill Programmer software


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