Prefill Station

For manual prefilling of deviant medication

Prefill Station

In addition to 200 cartridges, the blister packaging machine VBM 200F is also equipped with 2 drawers MDA (Multi Dispense Array) trays.

Using the Prefill Station, fractions of pills, different sizes or other special medications can be manually added to the MDA trays, for a continuous packing process.

Clear instructions on the display combined with green and red LED lighting in the MDA tray assist the user with the filling process.

The trays are equipped with an RFID chip and can be easily added to the VBM ecosystem.


  • Addition of non-dispensable medication
  • Supports continuity of packing process
  • Light guided filling to reduce chanced of mistakes
  • Full verification and traceability with VBM 200F
  • Compatible with VBM ecosystem

Video Prefill Station

An informational video on manually adding fractions of pills, different sizes, or other special medications to the MDA trays using the Prefill Station.

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