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Global Factories provides pharmacy automation

Our Story

Who we are

Global Factories is a leading company in pharmacy automation. State-of-the-art and high-quality products provide innovative solutions for safer distribution of medicines.

We challenge ourselves to combine our technique, creativity and insights into forward-thinking, efficient and unique systems to improve patients’ lives.

Through smart partnerships we are able to build a strong brand. We travel all over the world to learn from, understand and listen to our customers and to exchange knowledge with our business partners. These co-operations make us better and allow our creativity to thrive.

Our history

2000 - Founding of Global Factories

Global Factories is founded by Richard van den Brink. Being a mechanical engineer he has a great passion for technique and with the company Global Factories he wants to realize ideas into actual products.

2001 - Our first products

Inspired by the packaging of fruits, Global Factories develops a special box to safely store pouch rolls for medicine and special medicine carts are developed to distribute these dispensers in care homes and hospitals. This is the first step on the path to better medicine repacking.

2004 - The MDM

The world’s first machine for pouch verification is introduced. The Medicine Detection Machine is the first reliable and accurate machine for the time-consuming activity of checking medicine pouches. This machine positions GF on the map as the pioneer in medicine verification. The first machine is still in operation today.

2008 – The MDMWinder

With the introduction of the MDMWinder, the complete verification process from detection to the winding of separate pouch rolls is fully automated. The winder can also separate the rolls that need to be reviewed from the rolls that are ready for transport.

2009 – Colour Inspection

Colour inspection is announced at the Expopharm 2009 in Dusseldorf. To further improve the detection of medicine, we introduce colour detection. With this extra option, pills with the exact same shape can be distinguished from each other.

2010 – The MDM 1 series

The MDM 1 series is developed with the smaller repacking pharmacies in mind. The small footprint of this machine allows for accurate and efficient verification for smaller-sized pharmacies.

2015 – VBM Blister Packing Machine

The safe and efficient verification and packing of blister cards is now also available with our revolutionary VBM blister packing machine.

2020 - VBM Produces it's First Meds-Alert Smart Card

Meds-Alert is the first Personalized Smart Card which allows monitoring adherence from a distance. Healthcare Centres and Family members will receive an alert by the Meds-Alert App.

Who we are

Meet the team

Every day we work with a diverse group of talented colleagues who support pharmacists and caregivers in their jobs. In our head office in The Hague and our Asian office in Vietnam, we use our knowledge, skills and creativity to develop and manufacture systems for pharmacy automation.

All over the world

Our partners

Throughout the past years we have established a strong cooperation with partners from all over the world. Working together fosters creativity, and by leveraging individual strengths, we can develop better solutions and provide better service. Partnering with our strong distributors allows us to support our clients worldwide and to ensure that they can rely on us for the best product assistance and service.

Advisory Board


The Advisory Board of Global Factories consists of two external advisers that meet regularly to advise the CEO and to guide the members of the management team.

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