Medicine Dispensers

Dispensers for storage of pouch medication rolls

Medication Adherence

Improve patient compliance with medication

Medicine dispensers ensure that the patient takes the right dose at the right time.
The different sizes of dispenser boxes allow safe storage of any size pouch roll.
Each medicine dispenser presents the pouches one by one, making them easy to tear off along the perforation.

The Dispensers are easy to open, transparent, stackable, dishwasher safe and lightweight for easy shipping.
Available in 3 different sizes and brandable:

Dispenser Diamond Small >

The Small Diamond Dispenser stores pouch rolls for up to one week.
The dispenser has a clip to hold the medicine roll in place. At the front, there is an insert to place a name and information card.

Measurements WxDxH: 88 x 122 x 120 mm
Maximum diameter pouch roll: 90 mm
Pieces per box:: 18 st.

< Dispenser Diamond Medium

The Medium Dispenser can hold pouch rolls for up to two weeks. This dispenser is developed for wall mounting, by using either a metal strip or a screw.

Measurements WxDxH: 155 x 122 x 140 mm
Maximum diameter pouch roll: 130 mm
Pieces per box:: 12 st.

Dispenser Diamond Large >

The Large Dispenser has the same functionalities as the Small Diamond Dispenser but can hold pouch rolls for up to three weeks.

Measurements WxDxH: 185 x 97 x 170 mm
Maximum diameter pouch roll: 140 mm
Pieces per box:: 12 st.

< Branded Dispensers

All our dispensers can be branded with a company logo and the colours can be customized. Please contact us for the possibilities.

accurate and quick
Safe storage
various sizes
Various sizes
Easy Shipping
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