MDM Core

Compact verification machine for small- and medium-scale production

MDM Core (NEW)

The MDM Core is convenient and quick in verifying and reviewing pouch strings at patient and ward level.

This detection machine with built-in pill programming software is a tabletop model that checks medicine pouches very accurately and efficiently.
Equipped with double-sided imaging, the MDM Core ensures precise verification of pills.

The MDM Core combines an efficient workflow with a compact design, making it ideal for application in smaller spaces.

Properties of the MDM Core:

  • Tabletop model with small footprint
  • Total solution, including programming functionality for building a pill database, verification, logistics and check-out
  • Doublesided images for extra accurate verification of pills
  • Configurable and scalable
  • Seamlessly integration with existing systems
  • Compatible with all tablet packing machines
  • Processes all common material types for medication pouches
  • Intended end users: small public pharmacies and hospital pharmacies

Video MDM Core

MDM Core revolutionizes the way medications in pouches are detected, ensuring swift and precise identification with unparalleled speed.

Technical Specifications | MDM Core
Included: HP G5 PC, 10″ screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Software license
Measurements (WxDxH): 830 x 405 x 740 mm (height incl. screen)
Min. required work area (WxD): 1,230 x 1,175 mm
Weight: ± 60 kg
Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 200 W
Operating environment: 5 – 40 °C and < 80% RH (non-condensing)
Network requirements: Network connection for the interface of Table Packing Machine (min. 1 Gbp/s)
Transportation speed: Max. 120 mm/s
Detection capacity: Max. 5,400 pouches/hr (pouch length 80 mm)
Safe packing - 2
Built-in pill programmer to teach-in medication
verificatie - 2
Modern vision technology for accurate and safe verification
accurate and quick
Compact footprint for tabletop application
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