Blister Check Out Station

Workstation with all-in-one PC for manual processing of medication cards

Blister Check Out Station

The Blister Check Out (BCO) Station guides the operator in the final steps of the workflow to:

  • Add any non-dispensable medication (e.g. narcotics or liquids)
  • Review and correct alarmed blister cups
  • Manually apply the patient specific labels to the blister

The BCO Station is supplied with a desktop module equipped with adjustable guides for the proper orientation of the printed label with respect to the blister cup tray before it is attached.

The intuitive software guides the user through the total process from release of the Blister tray holder by the VBM 200F to the finished product.

Alternatively, the BCO Station can be applied to fill blister cards manually without verification by the VBM 200F.


Blister Check Out Station Flyer

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