Monitoring adherence from a distance


MEDS-ALERT offers a safe and easy solution
Global Factories offers an innovative turnkey solution for multi-dose medicine distribution on a large scale. This solution delivers medicine safe and in the most efficient way possible to homecare clients eg. for  mental healthcare, chronic patients and elderly. The intake of medicine can be monitored by caregivers like family or homecare from a distance.

MEDS-ALERT gives caregivers peace of mind

  • Automatic repacking & controling of smart blistercard using interface with Pharmacy Presciption Information System
  • Repacking in handy and simple to use smart personalized medicine cards
  • Alerts homecare client visually and audibly to take meds
  • Increases adherence drastically
  • Lowers the re-admitance to hospitals due to increase of adherence

Monitoring from a distance with the Meds-Alert App

  • Relieve for family and caregivers receiving alerts via the Meds-Alert App when client forgets to intake medication
  • Offers safety for both homecare client and caregiver
  • Homecare client decides who will be alerted creating a supporting network
  • The data is secured according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation Safe and secure

Meds-Alert delivers a safer and reliable distribution network of medicine

The VBM Blisterpacking machines are filling and checking the Meds-Alerts cards with medicines in a seamless process. The technology used is proven and patented delivering a safer and reliable distribution network with intelligent pipeline solutions.